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Converting information into other formats (Higher)

This is a copy of the PowerPoint we have been using:


Higher assessment dates

  • Section 4 (The Mole and Enthalpy): Monday 29th October
  • Unit 1 NAB: Monday 5th November

Higher – The Mole

This is the PowerPoint we are currently using in class:

As recommended today, it would be a good idea to re-attempt (at least once) the questions and to refer to your notes made in class for guidance.

Remember also that you can practice these questions in SQA Past Papers (available on this site or the SQA site) and mark them with marking instructions (available from me or the SQA website).

Higher test – Reaction Rates

The Section 1.3 test will be on Tuesday 25th September. In preparation, you should use:

  • Your own notes
  • Notes on Evans2Chemweb
  • Webtests on Evans2Chemweb
  • Resources on the ThinkChemistry website

Make sure you have completed the check-tests and consolidation tests for section 3.1.

Higher PP from today’s lesson

PowerPoint on Reaction Rates from today’s lesson:

Higher test

The section 1.2 test – Compounds and Bonding – is on Friday 7th September. In addition to using your notes, you should make use of:

  • Check-tests (available from Mr Robertson)
  • Consolidation tests (available from Mr Robertson)
  • Notes and webtests on Evans2Chemweb
  • Resouces on ThinkChemistry

Higher Homework

Due Thursday 23rd August.

SQA 2003 paper

  • Section A: 1-4, 9, 10, 13 (7 marks)

SQA 2004 paper:

  • Section A: 1-5, 9-11 (8 marks)
  • Section B: 1, 9 (5 marks)