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AH Homework

Due Friday 21st September.

SQA 2005 paper:

  • Section A: 1-10, 12
  • Section B: 1, 2(a)(b), 3(a)(b), 7(a)

AH Homework and Test

Homework due for Friday 7th September:

  • Complete Evans2Chemweb webtest for Unit 1(b)
  • LTS questions 16-28

The Unit 1(b) Test is on Friday 7th September.

Test date reminders

S4 Standard Grade – Topic 8/9 test, Monday 27th August

S6 Advanced Higher – Unit 1a test, Monday 27th August

AH PowerPoint presentations

TASK (due Thursday 30th August)

Prepare a PowerPower presenation to cover one of the following areas:

  • Structure of ionic lattices (Kate and Katie)
  • Semiconductors (Lloyd, Rob, Sam & Kieran)
  • Superconductors (Lucy aand Patrick)

Presentations must include:

  • Sufficient detail to cover (as a minimum) the SQA content statements for that section;
  • A selection of SQA Past Paper questions.

AH homework

Due Friday 31st August.

SQA 2003 paper (11 marks)

  • Section A: 1, 2, 6
  • Section B: 1, 2

SQA 2004 paper (9 marks)

  • Section A: 1, 2, 6, 7, 11
  • Section B: 1, 7(a)

AH Spectroscopy card sort

As requested: Card sort – spectroscopy

AH Homework

LTS Questions 1-15 and Unit 1(a) webtest from Evans2Chemweb to be completed by Friday 24th August.