Intermediate 2

The Intermediate 2 Chemistry course is made up of three Units:

  • Unit 1: Substances
  • Unit 2: Carbon Compounds
  • Unit 3: Acids, Bases and Metals

Full course details, including content statements, can be found in the SQA Arrangements Document.

The following are additional useful SQA links for the course:



Studying Chemistry requires regular revision. For Intermediate 2 Chemistry, in addition to any formal written homework, you should be spending a minimum of 45 minutes each week revising. This should include practising questions.

Recommended resources are:

  • Your own notes
  • (username and password available from Mr Robertson)
  • Resources from this site

The following are links to additional recommended revision resources which can be bought in bookshops or online:

Make sure your revision is active. In addition to reading, you may wish to:

  • highlight and/or rewrite sections of your notes
  • make mind maps / spider diagrams
  • make up your own questions e.g. true/false
  • try to teach someone else a topic / write out as much as you can about the topic without looking at your notes.

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