In Chemistry, a mole is a quantity, a number. One mole of a substance is the formula mass in grams. It contains the same number of elementary entities as there are in 12g of carbon-12.

Traditionally, Chemistry students don’t tend to like moles very much.

Menzie is a cuddly toy mole who lives on my desk. Shockingly, in the autumn of 2009, Menzie was kidnapped and a series of photos and ransom messages sent to me. This page marks that event.


This is the sad day that Menzie was kidnapped. The villain, known only as Mole Napper, sent photos and a simple message: “I have your mole”.


Second batch of photos sent from the evil Mole Napper.


More photos of poor helpless Menzie. Mole Napper, I’m on your tail…


The cunning Mole Napper strikes again with more photos. In a dramatic twist, there is a ransom note:

“If a ransom of ¬£6.02×10^23 is not paid to me by Tuesday, Menzie will be taking une baisse de la Tour Eiffel.”

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4 responses to “Mole

  1. looooooool

  2. What Story! Leg’ Mr Robertson

  3. Whoever did that was quite hilarious.

  4. Cameron R. Home

    1000 points to the Mole Napper.

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